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teen wolf AU → after Allison, Chris and Isaac came back from France, Lydia and Allison have a lot of catching up to do. the girls skip a period and walk around the school talking about everything that has been happening lately. when Lydia rants about Stiles and Malia, Allison realizes what’s going on and confronts her. Lydia finally admits it and Allison is left speechless. but then Lydia realizes that her best friend didn’t shut up all day talking about how much fun her and Isaac had in France. Lydia gets it “And you love Isaac." she tells her. Allison doesn’t get a chance to reply because she sees a shocked expression on Lydia’s face. little did they know, that Isaac and Stiles were wandering around the halls, looking for Scott. they overheard the conversation and now they were standing right in front of the girls.

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Teen Wolf AU: Stiles recites his proposal speech for Lydia to everyone, hoping for some advice, only to get typically unhelpful responses; driving him to practically wing it.

All thanks to Reina, my muse.